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 Local Partners

Below is a list of local organizations that are involved in qualifications-related work.

Private Providers
1. VCS
2. International School
3. Independent School
4. First Care
5. Ecole Francaise des Seychelles
6. Cyberwave computing 2000
7. Computing and Additional Learning
8. Blyss Consulting

Public Institutions and Sections offering training
1. Maritime Training Centre (MTC)
2. National Institute of Health and Social Studies (NIHSS)
3. Seychelles Institute for Teacher Education (SITE)
4. Seychelles Agricultural Horticultural Training Centre (SAHTC)
5. School of Visual Arts and School of Business Studies and Accounting
6. Seychelles Institute of Technology (SIT)
7. Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA)
8. School of Business Management (SBM)
9. 'University of Seychelles
10. Seychelles Fire Brigade
11. Seychelles Police Academy
12. Adult Learning and Distance Education Centre (ALDEC)

Professional Bodies
1. Seychelles Nurses and Midwives Council
2. Seychelles Library Association
3. Seychelles Medical and Dental Council
4. Red Cross Society of Seychelles
5. Seychelles Pharmaceutical Assocation
6. Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association
7. Association of Seychelles Accountants
8. Seychelles Farmers Association
9. Seychelles Maritime Safety Association
10. Complimentary Health Care Board

Ministries and Parastatals
1. Seychelles Port Authority
2. Department of Employment
3. Seychelles Tourism Board
4. Centre for Skills Development
5. Seychelles Licensing Authority
6. Ministry of Education
7. Department of Public Administration
8. Agency for National Human Resources Development (ANHRD)

2. Nature Seychelles
3. Seychelles Island Foundation

Othern Stakeholders
1. Chamber of Commerce & Industry


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Local Partners 

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