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 A Brief Introduction to NQF

A National Qualifications Framework is a set of laws, policies and tools developed to regulate the development, delivery and award of qualifications in a country.

It provides a structure, or a framework, by which all education and training can be included in one system and can be compared with each other. In Seychelles this has been done for the first time with the introduction of our National Qualifications Framework.

The framework is intended to help learners to make informed choices about their qualifications and to see what qualifications and careers paths can be available to them. It also makes it easier for the learner to explain to others what qualifications he or she holds. This is important when seeking to undertake further education and training, or applying for a job - at home or overseas.

It is intended to help providers of education and training to ensure that the standards of their qualifications are at the required level and can be recognized both at home and abroad.

For employers the framework will serve to clarify the level of education and training that their current or prospective employees possess, for example, by being able to compare with other qualifications on the framework.

The Structure of our National Qualifications Framework

Seychelles has a ten (10) level framework with eleven qualifications types. The lowest level on the framework is the Primary certificate while the highest are the Doctoral and post Doctoral degrees.

The National Qualifications Framework of the country is shown below: Diagram

In Seychelles our National Qualifications Framework has been designed to provide:
  • quality assured, nationally recognized consistent training standards and qualifications
  • recognition and credit for knowledge and skills acquired
This means that all qualifications which will be nationally recognized as having the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudinal components will belong to the Framework. These qualifications (certificates, diplomas, degrees) will be registered on the framework.


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