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Setting Up Your Business
Help Guide for Business,Companies, Partnership and Other Organisation Registration

Entity Information Section

1. What is an entity name?
An entity name is the legal name of the entity as registered under the relevant law with the Registrar general.

2. What is Registration type?
  • Partnership: Partnership means an association of persons carrying on a business as partners or in receipt of income jointly, but does not include a company. A business set up by two or more people who put money into the business and share the financial risks and profits.
  • Company: A Company means a body registered as a company under the Companies Act 1972 or under any other company legislation of Seychelles; or a company resident in Seychelles, irrespective of whether or not the company is registered in Seychelles or any other unincorporated association or body of persons but does not include a partnership or a not for profit entity. A company is a separate legal entity and includes all bodies or associations corporate or non-corporate, but does not include a partnership.
  • Individual: An individual (sole trader) is an individual who is the sole owner of a business that is neither a partnership nor a company.
  • Trust: A trust is the legal holding and managing of money or property belonging to somebody else.

3. What is Business Type?
Business Type applies only if you’re registering for a business only

4. What is General Nature of Business?
The general nature of business is the type of business you will be doing.

5. What is a Category?
A category is the different type of class Limited, (Pty)Ltd, Overseas, PCC, CSL (these are applicable if your registering a company. And if your registering a business you simply choose Business Name.

6. Where is Commencement Date?
The date on which the business will be in operation.

Business Address Section

10. What is Business Physical Address?
The main address where the business is located or based.

11. What is Business Postal Address?
The address where we can send mail or correspondence to you

Local Contact Details Section

11. What is Local Contact Detail?
A person that can be contacted in the Seychelles on your behalf. (applicable for people not in the Country.)